Why we are different

Milly’s Boutique, formerly The Wardrobe, first opened its doors in September 2005 at the height of the Celtic Tiger boom and during a time were boutiques were plentiful but somewhat bland. Like many businesses at that time in Ireland proprietors were focused on volume turnover.
This was never going to be the objective of Milly’s Boutique.


Owner and creator Anne Mordaunt had a vision whereby she would create a unique alternative that only focused on individuality both for her clientele and more importantly for the boutique itself.

Celebrating 13 Years

Soon to celebrate its 13th anniversary Milly’s Boutique has survived many of its original competitors by staying true to its core principles.

Upon your arrival at the boutique you are greeted with the most amazing selection of colour, the wonderful aroma of scented oils and sales team that are trained in dealing with clients in a manner that is simple be-spoke to that client.

In 2016 Milly’s Boutique was awarded a top 15 spot in Irelands best boutiques by The Irish Independent.

Global Trends

Over the last 13 years the fashion industry and its landscape has changed many times over.

It is for this very reason that Anne continues to travel worldwide not just in their pursuit of new suppliers but more importantly to carry out research.

Her desire to continue to understand changing global trends forms part of the very cornerstone of the stunning success that is Milly’s Boutique.

Leave Feeling Great

Anne and her team pride themselves on being able to openly tell a customer when something doesn’t suit them.

While they never underestimate the importance of any sale she has always believed that long-term revenue can only be guaranteed by ensuring that her clientele leave the shop looking good feeling great and knowing that the opinion of Anne and her team is both honest transparent and totally credible.

These ingredients have been hardfought over the last decade but today it is what makes Milly’s Boutique wonderfully unique.

Today Milly’s Boutique stocks a stunning arrangement of inventory sourced from all over the world but it is only when you visit that you can truly understand the full story that is

Milly’s Boutique.

Accredited for stunning visual merchandising and the teams unique ability to blend and match many different concepts – Milly’s Boutique will always continue to strive for its ultimate double goal – individuality and perfection.